EcoNatural Products


Eco Natural products are among the most environmentally friendly and Ecologically sound products available. Hand towels are available in 2 ply for strength, softness, and excellent absorption. The paper remains unbleached which is kind to the environment and gives a clear message of Corporate Social Responsibility. Contact the office for a sample sleeve of hand towels.



Most beverage cartons are resigned to Landfill, which creates a huge problem. Eco Natural, a paper base-sheet derived from the Fiberpack® recycling process, solves the problem of beverage carton landfill. This collaboration with Tetra Pak® ensures all elements are reused:  aluminium, polyethylene, and of course cellulose wood fibres.  Rather than bleaching the fibres and creating a negative environmental impact, Lucart leaves the natural “Havana” colour, which ensures the products stringent sustainable and ecological credentials are unmissable and clearly reflect the ethical and forward thinking ethos of the Business or Institution.

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